DC Airco Driver Cab Air Conditioning Equipment for Stagecoach Supertram

DC Airco Driver Cab Air Conditioning Equipment for Stagecoach Supertram
DC Airco have completed a project to supply Cab Air Conditioning equipment to Stagecoach Supertram for their fleet of 25 x 3 Car Supertrams. The trams which were built in 1992 by Siemens-Duewag of Düsseldorf, Germany, are being invested in by Stagecoach group to replace the original 380Vac 100Hz equipment with a modern 24Vdc monobloc unit like the DC13000.

DC Airco were able to offer an ambitious delivery programme coupled with an extended warranty and attractive pricing, in order to secure the order. The equipment is now being fitted by the Stagecoach team at their Nunnery Lane depot.


Klaas Schimmel, Managing Director of DC Airco said, “This order is particularly pleasing as it shows the increasing versatility of our products being our first light rail order from the UK”. He added, “DC Airco equipment is supplied worldwide for use in light rail, heavy rail, telecoms and other demanding environments from deserts to mines. Our low power input high cooling output products have a clear advantage when low maintenance and reliability are key to the procurement decision.

Kevin Lane Managing Director of Onyxrail said, “We represent DC Airco in the UK and developed this opportunity. We are delighted with the news of the delivery of the new air conditioning equipment. Presently we have significant interest in the UK from operators where cooling equipment is not fitted into Driver Cabs or is required to replace aging original equipment. DC Airco equipment offers a reliable long term solution with much higher availability and lower cost of ownership than legacy systems can provide.”



    Warum sich unsere Kunden für DC Airco Klimaanlagen für ihre professionellen Geräte entscheiden:

    • >50% weniger Kraftstoff-/Energie-Verbrauch
    • Keine Spannungsspitzen beim Hochfahren – weicher Start
    • Kein teurer Wechselrichter zur Stromerzeugung notwendig
    • Die Gleichstromeinheit kühlt auch bei Stromausfall/ausgeschaltetem Motor weiter
    • Herstellung seit 1997 mit hochwertiger Verarbeitung und umfangreichen Test-Verfahren
    • Leichte Montage, komplett fabrikmontiert, aufgeladen und getestet 
    • Relativ geringer Wartungsaufwand und –kosten bezogen auf die lange Lebensdauer
    • Lagerprodukte und maßgefertigte Anlagen
    • Lieferung weltweit

    Geringer Energieverbrauch

    Extrem geringer Energieverbrauch mit hoher Kühlleistung!

    Entwickelt für hohe Umgebungstemperaturen

    Speziell entwickelt für hohe Umgebungstemperaturen!

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