• Wie Ihre Zugführer einen kühlen Kopf bewahren bei +55°C?

    DC Airco ist stolz darauf,  seine neue Hochleistungsklimaanlage für Dachmontage für den Einsatz bei hohen Umgebungstemperaturen von bis zu +55°C vorstellen zu können. Mit Sorgfalt entwickelt und geprüft in der Klimakammer, ist diese Anlage ab sofort auf Bestellung verfügbar. 

    Diese sehr effiziente Klimaanlage ist erhältlich in drei Leistungsvarianten und mit einer Anzahl von optionalen Extras.

    Leistung:  74 V Gleichstrom (DC) oder 400 V Wechselstrom (AC) oder Hydraulikkompressor


    Optionale Extras:

    Launch of our new product: DC24000 cab HVAC at Innotrans Berlin

    DCAirco is proud to announce the new DC24000 HVAC cab air conditioner and will be launched at the Innotrans rolling stock show in Berlin.

    This roof top air conditioner is designed for heavy duty applications operators and passenger cabins  and electrical cabinets on all kind
    of rail vehicles such as Tram, Metro, and Locomotives such as EMD,
    GE, NRE, CAF, Bombardier, or Siemens.

    Please feel free to visit ours stand at: Innotrans Rail Show in Berlin ,20-23 September 2016, Hall  3.1 , Stand 108

  • DCAirco direct current air conditioners are the perfect combination for off grid hybrid cabinets, shelters and enclosures

    DCAirco direct current air conditioners are the perfect combination for off grid hybrid cabinets, shelters and enclosures because of the high efficient components that are selected.

    RVE 2015 8th of October


    It’s the fourth successful year with DCAirco as exhibitor.

    Great event aimed at the engineering of rail vehicles for refurbishment and enhancements. Catching up with existing and new customers about our new product features.

  • DCAirco Newsletter August 2015

    This newsletter contains the following news items:

    - Save fuel & keep Cooling in +50 C

    - Servicing DCAirco rolling stock air conditioners.

    - New more powerful split air conditioner DC9300 launched

    Anti Idling solutions for mining applications

    DCAirco Anti-idling solutions, start saving 30 - 40% fuel and keep providing a comfortable, safe and healthy work environment for the operator by using our battery powered air conditioners.

    For more information please see our mining section of our website



  • New Fire protection Legislation > Are You Ready ?


    We are > for the new EU rail directive EN 45545-2

    DC Airco has redesigned their rail air conditioners to meet the new EN 45545-2-2013 HL1+HL2  (HL3 with advanced engineering) for new EU projects.


    Product page of the DC powered DC 9200 split air conditioner

    DC 9200 2015 model

    Introducing the new DC 9200 2015 model!!

    The DC 9200 is big favourite of our customers.
    It’s a split air conditioner with quick connectors between its prefilled  flexible refrigerant hoses

    The DC 9200 2015 is upgraded  with a completely redesigned indoor unit.
    The indoor unit is much easier to mount and can be installed in two positions.

    Additionally a heating element can be added inside the indoor unit.
    Cooling and heating in one unit, no extra space needed!!

  • Upcoming Events 2015

    Please see our high efficient DC powered/Direct current Air conditioners at the following events worldwide:

    Sifer  24th - 26th of March 2015

    Railtex  Dates: 12th - 14th May 2015

    RVE  Derby    8th of October                      

    DC Airco to boost output with opening of a new manufacturing facility - January 2015

    DC Airco expects to boost production with opening of their  new assembly plant.  The plant will be certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

    This plant is meant to support DC Airco’ s  growing customer base  in Rail, Mining, Telecom ,Defence and other markets. The construction  started in April 2014 with driving concrete piles in the ground and is completed  November  2014. Production started middle of December.

    The state of the art –low carbon footprint- facility is equipped with energy saving LED lights. The floor heating receives waste heat from a nearby biomass power plant.



  • The DC 9001 Rooftop air conditioner on a military vehicle.

    The DC 9001 Rooftopis a DC powered air conditioner on a military vehicle made by our client STV Sweden. In this short movie you will see the features of our product. Please see the movie on Youtube below.

    The model installed is the DC 9001B 24Vdc is a direct current air conditioner, it runs without any inverters directly on the batteries. For more info about this unit please see this link.



    Onyxrail Install Cab Air Con on Class 323 as Heatwave hits UK

    The Midland fleet of Class 323 Units have been fitted with DC powered Cab Air Conditioners manufactured by DCAirco and provided by Onyxrail Limited, with all major materials for mounting the equipment provided by its sister company Brentto Industry.

    These direct current air conditioners are specially made for rail / rolling stock vehicle's
    No need of big inverters because the unit runs completly on 110 volt DC.



  • DC Airco Driver Cab Air Conditioning Equipment for Stagecoach Supertram

    DC Airco Driver Cab Air Conditioning Equipment for Stagecoach Supertram
    DC Airco have completed a project to supply Cab Air Conditioning equipment to Stagecoach Supertram for their fleet of 25 x 3 Car Supertrams. The trams which were built in 1992 by Siemens-Duewag of Düsseldorf, Germany, are being invested in by Stagecoach group to replace the original 380Vac 100Hz equipment with a modern 24Vdc monobloc unit.

    Upcoming Events 2014


    Innotrans Railshow Berlin 2014

    We would like to welcome you at Innotrans Railshow Berlin  23 -26  September 2014  hal 3,1  stand 108



    RVE  show in  Derby 2014

    We would like to welcome you at RVE  show in Derby Uk on the 15th of october .




  • DC Airco to build new assembly plant

    DC Airco  to build new assembly plant for its energy efficient heavy duty AC+ DC powered air conditioners in Alkmaar the Netherlands   - July 2014

    DC Airco announces the investment in a new manufacturing facility for its heavy duty industrial products for telecom, rail, people movers, vehicles  and defence projects.

    This plant is meant to support DC Airco’s growing customer base  in Rail, Mining, Telecom and Defence. The construction has started in June 2014 with driving concrete piles in the ground and will be completed  end of 2014.

    We are relocating our factory

    We are relocating our factory on the 28th of November and 1st of December.
    Email and phone could be difficult during this time.

    Our new address is Opaalstraat 18 1812 RH ALKMAAR.


    we apologize for the inconvenience!
    Kind regards,

    The DCAirco Team.

  • It is time for a follow-up!

    We are exited to announce the DC 12500B air conditioner for Telecom and Defence installations!!

    Introduction of the Free cooling unit type FC 020

    This wall mount packaged  Free Cooling is designed to “cool” heavy duty applications like electrical cabinets for, defense and telecom. The very efficient fan combines a low consumption with a very high air output and is fully dc powered.

  • Railtex London 2013

    New DCAirco railway products are displayed at the Railtex in London.

    Intelec Symposium: Telecomunication Energy

    On the 18th of April we will attend at Interlec Symposium regarding Telecomunication Energy. 
    We hope to see you there!

  • Newletter of January 2013

    Our Newsletter of January 2013 with new amazing development is just send to all our subscribers.

    If your interested please subscribe for our newsletter! 


    InnoTrans 2012

    DC Airco will be showing new product on InnoTrans 2012

  • The introduction of DC Airco Facebook page

    Do you like to see a sneak preview of our new product?

    Upcoming Fairs/Trade shows DC Airco of 2012

    Please come and see us at one of the following tradeshows:

  • Improved testing facility of DC Airco

    ​As mentioned in previous newsletter we have implemented a new test facility to test every unit coming from the production line with a new test computer. 

    Highlighted projects of DC Airco in 2012

    Highlighted projects of DC Airco in 2012

  • DC Airco has exhibited on several major shows recently.

    DC Airco has exhibited on several major shows recently.

    Rolling stock- Rail way Saloon Air conditioner


    The main features of our air conditioners for saloon applications are:

    • Energy consumption only one-third of a normal air conditioning unit- therefore no expensive alterations to the train’s electrical system – no invertors/convertors needed
    • No power surge during start up- soft start
    • Available in 24/74/110/600/750 VDC or 230/400 VAC
    • Custom made
    • Easy installation – packaged roof units  pre charged with non-flammable refrigerant R 134A.
    • Factory tested before shipping
    • Long service intervals
    • 2 year warranty – all parts are long life





  • LNWR Select DC Airco Cab Air Cooling for Arriva Class 158

    The Arriva fleet of Class 158 Units are to receive DC Airco Cab Air Cooling provided by Transys Projects Limited. Transys Projects were delighted to be awarded the contract to integrate and then provide first unit installation assistance for this equipment which is manufactured by DC Airco.

    EMDiesels Class 66 order June 2013

    DC Airco has announced it has received a substantial contract from EMDiesels in Aberdeen.




    Warum sich unsere Kunden für DC Airco Klimaanlagen für ihre professionellen Geräte entscheiden:

    • >50% weniger Kraftstoff-/Energie-Verbrauch
    • Keine Spannungsspitzen beim Hochfahren – weicher Start
    • Kein teurer Wechselrichter zur Stromerzeugung notwendig
    • Die Gleichstromeinheit kühlt auch bei Stromausfall/ausgeschaltetem Motor weiter
    • Herstellung seit 1997 mit hochwertiger Verarbeitung und umfangreichen Test-Verfahren
    • Leichte Montage, komplett fabrikmontiert, aufgeladen und getestet 
    • Relativ geringer Wartungsaufwand und –kosten bezogen auf die lange Lebensdauer
    • Lagerprodukte und maßgefertigte Anlagen
    • Lieferung weltweit

    Geringer Energieverbrauch

    Extrem geringer Energieverbrauch mit hoher Kühlleistung!

    Entwickelt für hohe Umgebungstemperaturen

    Speziell entwickelt für hohe Umgebungstemperaturen!

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