LNWR Select DC Airco Cab Air Cooling for Arriva Class 158

The Arriva fleet of Class 158 Units are to receive DC Airco Cab Air Cooling provided by Transys Projects Limited. Transys Projects were delighted to be awarded the contract to integrate and then provide first unit installation assistance for this equipment which is manufactured by DC Airco.

TPL were able to offer keen pricing and an ambitious delivery programme by utilising their in house design and engineering strengths to ensure that the equipment can be integrated into an ERTMS enabled train. The equipment is highly robust and reliable and provides a performance that is capable of creating comfort on the hottest of days, even if the vehicle has previously been stabled south facing.

Kevin Lane - Managing Director of Transys Projects said “We were delighted that LNWR won the main contract and are very pleased to be supporting them with capital equipment for Cab Air Cooling.”

He added “This equipment has a low power demand but oxymoronically is exceptionally powerful in terms of cooling. 

It is safe to say that with over 500 Units fitted in the UK that this equipment is establishing itself as the equipment of choice both on a performance and price basis.

Klaas Schimmel – Managing Director of DC Airco said “Closing this order is excellent news for all involved we are certain that this equipment will deliver the safe and cool working environment that drivers need.

We are also delighted with the success of our partnership with Transys Projects as intermediary and bespoke systems integrators.”


    Warum sich unsere Kunden für DC Airco Klimaanlagen für ihre professionellen Geräte entscheiden:

    • >50% weniger Kraftstoff-/Energie-Verbrauch
    • Keine Spannungsspitzen beim Hochfahren – weicher Start
    • Kein teurer Wechselrichter zur Stromerzeugung notwendig
    • Die Gleichstromeinheit kühlt auch bei Stromausfall/ausgeschaltetem Motor weiter
    • Herstellung seit 1997 mit hochwertiger Verarbeitung und umfangreichen Test-Verfahren
    • Leichte Montage, komplett fabrikmontiert, aufgeladen und getestet 
    • Relativ geringer Wartungsaufwand und –kosten bezogen auf die lange Lebensdauer
    • Lagerprodukte und maßgefertigte Anlagen
    • Lieferung weltweit

    Geringer Energieverbrauch

    Extrem geringer Energieverbrauch mit hoher Kühlleistung!

    Entwickelt für hohe Umgebungstemperaturen

    Speziell entwickelt für hohe Umgebungstemperaturen!

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